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Ballinamore Bridge, Co. Galway. Ireland

Built in 1779 Castle ffrench is situated 12 miles from Ballinasloe, 18 miles from Athlone, 34 miles from Galway city and 2 hours from either Dublin or Shannon airports.

This beautiful listed Grade ‘A' manor house is situated amongst century old trees and lawns. 29 rooms, stone walled cobbled courtyard with a 2 apartment guest cottage, 16 stall stable, 8 paddocks and 2 large pastures.  Set in rolling parkland Castle ffrench ranks with Irelands ' outstanding examples of Georgian architecture.  Absolutely one of a kind with its original floor plan, elaborate plasterwork, woodwork and hardware.  Ornate fireplaces and huge bedrooms all being the hallmarks of this very rural country house, which is full of eye-catching features including a barrel vaulted semi-basement, ornate cornicing, marble fireplaces, wooden floors and flagstoned hallway.

Castle ffrench

Castle ffrench guest accommodation in Co. Galway, Ireland
The castle, as it is known locally, lies a mile up a drive and appears suddenly from through the trees. Built on the site of an earlier castle Castle ffrench portrays interior plasterwork of a style characteristic to County Galway, with it's delicate naturalistic foliage and flower swags. Foliage and trophies can be seen on the ceiling of the hall whilst Irish harps and other emblems are portrayed in the drawing room frieze.

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The dining room with its fine plasterwork
Horse riding at Castle ffrench
Enjoy a stay in one of the two self catering  flats


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